Have a question about our products or website? Here's what other fans have been asking from the side lines. Contact us directly if you still cannot find what you are looking for.

Do you carry other products?

Yes we are licensed by the NFL, MLB, NHL and most Colleges and carry a wide variety of products.  You can find these products here and at www.fremontdie.com.  If there's a product you want to purchase and it's not available to put in a shopping cart, simply give us a call and we will happy to help you with your order.  We can be reached at 757-872-6438.

Why can't I find my College team?

Our product goes through a rigorous licensing application process with the various collegiate licensing committees. This is a timely process and we are constantly adding new teams to our lineup. Check back often for updates or drop us a line if you still do not see your team.

Are the Party Bowl products microwave and/or dishwasher safe?

Less cleaning, more snacking - that's our motto! The Party Bowl is made of a high-grade melamine, making it dishwasher safe and eligible for play season after season. The same is true for all Build-A-Bowl accessories including the Big Divide and Skyboxes.  The Party Bowl and Build-A-Bowl accessories are not suitable for microwave use.  However, the Skyboxes are microwave safe so you can warm up your dips.

What is your return policy?

You can return your unused merchandise up to 30 days after purchase. Return policy details.